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Why Buy Carpet From Us?
Choosing where to purchase your carpet is important for several reasons. Ultimately, you want to determine which retailer is going to give you the most for your dollar. This includes the entire buying process from choosing the product to having it installed in your home. Many retailers only want to know how much you are willing to spend and focus only on making the sale. On the other hand, our business will help you find exactly what you want while staying in your price range and ensuring that you still get a quality product. Our quality service extends through the installation process and we strive to make sure that we meet your home improvement standards.

Why Choose Carpet?
Carpet is great for improving the look and feel of a room. It is known for giving the area a much warmer and softer feel. Removing old carpet and padding and replacing them can also drastically improve the cleanliness of the room by removing trapped dust, dirt, and odors.

Carpet helps to contain dust and other allergens that would otherwise be circulating through the air in your home. If properly maintained, carpet in your home could actually help to reduce allergies.

Customers who choose carpet often do so because it makes their home more comfortable. Carpet provides warmth and cushion and is still the preferred choice for most living rooms and bedrooms. It can also be more convenient and affordable for customers because installation typically goes much quicker than hard surface products and there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Reducing Noise Level
Carpet is totally quiet in comparison to hard surface products, which is often make a clicking or tapping noise when walked on, especially by larger pets with nails.

Carpet Has Changed Over The Year
One of the biggest changes in carpeting over the years has been the materials used in the manufacturing process. Many carpets now contain recycled materials such as water bottles, for example. Other changes include new technology such as waterproof carpet backing or softbac carpet backing. Of course, changes in style should be noted as well with current trends moving towards thicker, softer carpets as opposed to tighter woven short pile carpets.

Choosing Between Different Carpeting Options
The amount of foot traffic that an area will receive is a major factor in choosing a carpet. Obviously, higher traffic areas should have a good quality carpet if possible. This includes areas such as steps and hallways as well as many living rooms. Nylon carpets are traditionally the best choice for these areas but aren't necessarily required. Price range is an important factor as well since we will be trying to find the best option within the customer's budget. As always, we want to ensure that the customer is getting a quality product.

What does the carpet installation process include? The installation process can be slightly different for every job and depends upon the requirements to complete the job the right way. Installation could include tasks such as tear-up of old flooring or moving furniture, but customers often do this ahead of time to speed up the process and save themselves money. If required, tack strip will be secured around the perimeter of the room as the first step of the installation. If there is already tack strip then any damaged pieces will be replaced. At this point the floor must be totally cleaned up and then padding will be tacked down. Carpet is rolled out and seamed together (if necessary) and then stretched in and trimmed down. If required there are several methods used to finish the carpet up against other floors. Each situation can be different and provide unique challenges which can make professional installation an asset to customers.

In regards to old carpet disposal, if necessary we will tear out and/or dispose of old carpet for an additional per yard charge.

Taking Care Of Your Carpet
It is important to maintain your carpet by sweeping as much as possible. Customers should also avoid using chemical cleaners and stain removers because they actually damage the carpet by removing the stain guard. Most major carpet manufacturers require that your carpets are professionally cleaned every 2 years in order to maintain warranty. Hot water extraction is the only approved method for this type of cleaning.