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Our installers are experienced and willing to work with customers in order to ensure that they are completely happy. We aim to be clean, professional, and courteous and never rush to complete a job. With many big box stores advertising "free installation," you can rest assured that that our service standards are much higher and we will not hesitate to make an extra effort for our customers.

To schedule installation services, please contact us. Determining how long an installation will take can be difficult, but most residential jobs are completed within 1-2 days in general. Factors that can help determine how long a job will take include size, location, whether furniture must be moved, tear-up of old flooring, condition of subfloor, etc. Carpet jobs on concrete often take longer as well because the tack strip must be anchored down. The more prepared the customer is prior to installation, the quicker and more smoothly the job will go.

In-Home Measurements

We offer free estimates. Estimates give the customer an approximate bottom line price, which allows them to decide what is feasible for them as well as compare final prices to other stores. Please contact us for assistance. Residential estimates typically take less than a week. This allows us to come to your home and take measurements, discuss different options, and put together an estimate for the product(s) that you chose.

Carpet Binding

We offer binding on any of piece of carpet which we sell. This could include special orders, in stock remnants, or even just scrap pieces leftover from an installation in your home. Rugs can be custom made to any size and are typically completed within a week. Please contact our store for more information. All of our binding is done in-house which allows us to offer this service very efficiently for our customers. We are the only local dealer to offer this service in-house.